Terms and Conditions

The website is owned by Profit be Serp.  The words we, us, and our refer to Profit by Serp. Every time you make a purchase from our website, you thereby confirm that you agree to all our terms and conditions, along with our privacy policy. It is very necessary for you to go through our terms and conditions page before you decide to render any of our services or make any purchase from us. In any case, if you do not agree with any of the terms and conditions of our website, it is hereby advised to not make any purchases from us. Any new feature or any tool added to our website falls under the purview of these terms of service. We also reserve the right to make any kind of changes to our terms and conditions at any time. It totally lies in your hands to go through this page on a periodic basis to be updated with the amendments that will be made by us.


By agreeing to the terms and conditions, you thereby confirm that you are above the minority age in your state or province. You will also not use the products offered by the website for any illegal purposes. If any kind of illegal usage of our website is found, it will call for immediate legal action by us.

General Conditions

We make sure that all kinds of payment information shared by you on our website will not be shared with third parties. Other than credit card information, the transfer of information will be unencrypted.

We also hold the right to refuse you our service at any time.

 Dependency on Information

All kinds of information on the website should only be relied upon by you at your own risk. We will not take any charge if the information available on the website is not accurate or complete. The data on the website is updated from time to time. Hence, it is your sole responsibility to see that you go through the terms and conditions page from time to time.

 Changes in Prices

The company holds the entire right to make changes in the prices of services and products.

We have all the right to discontinue any service or a part of service as and when needed.

We have no obligation towards you or to third parties if there are any changes made in the prices of our products or services.

Payment Policy

No refund will be initiated after payment is made for any of the service.

The company hold the right to deny refund if you fail to renew your website.